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Mission: To sponsor seminars to discuss the development of electrochemical double layer capacitors and hybrid energy storage devices and provide an update on the current status and potential applications of these devices.

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Important Announcement:
 After 22 continuous years of hosting Supercapacitor seminars, Redox Engineering has decided to discontinue future events. We thank you all for your support and participation in these seminars. We have thoroughly enjoyed promoting this groundbreaking technology and we wish our friends in the industry all the best of luck in the future.

Past seminar proceedings publications will still be on sale via our website until August 2014. After that please contact us directly at if you wish to purchase books or CDs.

Company Profile

Redox Engineering was founded in order to pursue the advanced development of implantable batteries and, more specifically, of electrochemical capacitors (referred to as supercapacitors, ultracapacitors and by several other names in the power source industry). A 50 kW prototype super capacitor was built with bipolar electrode structure and tested before the effort folded due to inadequate funding. The company continued consulting activities in the area of batteries for oil well logging and the organization of battery seminars.

The first two battery seminars were organized by Dr. Nikola Marincic in 1978 and 1979 in Boston with the generous scientific counsel and support of Prof. B. E. Conway. With the help of another associate, the seminars were moved to Florida and continued annually with Prof. Conway’s scientific support until the end of his life. The participation of Dr. Marincic in the Florida Battery Seminars ended in 2004.

The International Seminar on Double Layer Capacitors and Hybrid Energy Storage Devices was started in 1990 and has continued as an annual event under the direction of Dr. Marincic since that time. Activity in this field has been invigorated by the initial marketing of hybrid electric vehicles from Japan and by the prospects of the development of the US Freedom Car, all of which were planning to introduce electrochemical capacitors as a part of their hybrid power sources. This, the first annual event dedicated specifically to double layer capacitors, continues to be a forum for the annual review of progress in this exciting area of electrochemical engineering and advanced transportation technology.

Founder Profile

Dr. Nikola Marincic has earned both an Engineering Degree and a Doctorate Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Zagreb, Croatia. His post-doctoral studies in the kinetics of fuel cell processes were with Prof. B. E. Conway at the University of Ottawa, Canada.

He spent seven years at Duracell bridging the gap between research and the production of alkaline batteries before forming the engineering group at GTE Laboratories. The main results of the GTE engagement were the first lithium implantable pacemaker battery and the largest primary battery ever built, 300 kWh, for the U.S. Air Force ICBM System. Both these products were based on the lithium/thionyl chloride battery system and were carried through to the production stage.

Dr. Marincic founded Battery Engineering, Inc. in order to meet the need for high temperature batteries in oil drilling and to produce batteries for special military applications. The company operated for 14 years and was eventually sold to Hitachi Maxell of Japan.

Dr. Marincic was a co-founder of Ultralife Batteries, Inc. and still serves as the Chief Technology Advisor of Engineered Power Inc., a Canadian manufacturer of batteries for oil and gas drilling and exploration. He has published over 30 scientific and technical papers and holds over 30 battery related US patents.

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